Supporting Student Strengths

Promoting our student’s strengths starts with teaching them to self-analyze.  If they can identify where their strengths lie, they can see this as a foundation to build on.  If we as teachers can be privy to this information as well, it helps us to see the student as an individual.  This makes it easier to help them feel self-assured and set goals that build on the positive.

One tool that helps students to identify their talents and strengths and relate them to career exploration is Washington Career Bridge.  This site, sponsored by the Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board, helps students to explore their interests and how those interests may fit with various careers.  It shows current job trends providing a search tool for specific jobs and current salaries offered in those areas, by county.  There is also an education search tool, matching the intended career, with the education requirements, and a suggested list of colleges and universities that offer those pathways.

This tool is a great way to get students to understand that if they do a little self-exploration and know their interests and talents that they will identify an area that might lead them to a career with a solid income and be doing something that they love.


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