Program of Study


IMG_2468.jpgSuggested Program of Study for a student interested in attending a culinary arts college.

By attending a local community college and joining the running start program, the student can graduate high school with enough credits and applied Tech Prep credits to equal an associate’s degree. They may then transfer to a reputable 4-year culinary arts college, like the Culinary Institute of America, with only 2 additional years of schooling required.  This cuts the cost of the Bachelor of Science Degree from a very prominent college, in half. Additionally and only if possible, the student should work part-time to at a hospitality business to ensure that this pathway is agreeable for the student to pursue.


Language Arts

United States History

Algebra 1

Physical Science








Photography – Tech Prep Credits

Foods & Nutrition/Cuisines & Cultures


AP Language Arts – Running Start

World History – Running Start

Algebra II


Photography II

Culinary Arts I – Tech Prep Credits


Journalism – Running Start

Psychology – Running Start

Financial Algebra – Running Start

Biology – Running Start

French 1 – Running Start

Culinary Arts II – Tech Prep Credits


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